Monthly Archive for: ‘October, 2013’

  • Eric Helms Transformation

    Interview With Eric Helms

    For the first ever interview on EpicAesthetics, I had no doubts that I wanted the architect of my 2013 pro-winning physique to kick things off : The one and only, Eric Helms. Having worked with Eric in my contest prep from the beginning of the …

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    Putting my 2012 Physique VS my 2013 Physique into Context

    After posting the picture below on my Instagram/Facebook to provoke thought and potentially make competitors or really anybody who wants to get in shape start thinking outside of the norms of the standard fitness advice we’re so used to, it seems that unfortunately, it had …

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  • InstaCheesecake

    Baked Vanilla + Caramel Protein Cheesecake

    If you enjoyed this recipe, LIKE + SHARE it through your favourite social media website below : Let’s Eat Good Food and Get Aesthetic!

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