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Personalised Nutrition + Workout Packages


Nutrition Plan

$99.95one time

  • Custom Designed Nutrition Plan
  • How to Progress Your Fat Loss Tutorial
  • How to Track Your Progress Tutorial
  • Custom-Made to Fit in With the Lifestyle You Enjoy
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Nutrition + Exercise Plan

$149.95one time

  • Custom Designed Nutrition Plan
  • Custom Designed Workout Plan
  • How to Progress Your Fat Loss/Muscle Gain Tutorial
  • How to Track Your Progress Tutorial
  • Custom-Made to Fit in With the Lifestyle You Enjoy
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Personal Coaching / Contest Prep

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  • Weekly Progress Checks via Email
  • Custom Designed Nutrition Plan (adjusted whenever needed)
  • Custom Designed Workout Plan (adjusted whenever needed)
  • Unlimited Email Support 24/7
  • Custom-Made to Fit in With the Lifestyle You Enjoy
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Sunny Transformed His Physique Doing the OPPOSITE of What the Fitness Industry Had Taught Him to Do

I always thought that getting the ultimate ‘beach body’ physique was a hidden mystery and was impossible to achieve!

Also, with so many fitness myths and gimmick diets confusing me I figured it was not going to be an easy ride.  I have been training for 4 years now, initially weighing 9 stone in 2009.  Since then I have fluctuated in size to put on mass then to cut, however it has always been so hard mentally and even then I still did not know if my methods were really working.  Meeting Altug Literally Changed My Whole Perception on Training and Nutrition. It’s Transformed my Physique!

That all changed in Summer 2013 when I met Altug who has literally changed my whole perception on training and transformed my physique.  I bulked drastically to 12 and half stone gaining a lot of muscle but with that came alot of unnecessary fat.  This was because I wasn’t tracking what I was eating and thinking that the more I ate, the bigger I got! I was wrong.  Altug amazingly gave me personalized macronutrients to follow and for me to specifically hit my protein, carb and fat intake on a day to day basis. After 4 years this was all new to me but as I found out, is actually the fundamentals of fitness.

Now, I believe the world is my oyster and with Altug’s guidance and knowledge I can achieve my goals. As mentioned there is too much confusion in the fitness industry. “What supplements to use”, “no carbs after 6pm”, “carbs make you fat!?”.  Altug makes life easier and shows you what is important and what is not.  I listened, kept it simple and got shredded to the bone.  Furthermore, not only does Altug give the best and concise advice he is very approachable and a peoples person.  This was the reason why I initially asked him to help me with my training as I knew he did not carry an ego with him like many of the people who have made a name for themselves in the industry.

I honestly recommend anyone hire Altug as not only are you getting quality advice in regards to nutrition and training, but you are digesting information that will change your lifestyle.  I saw Altug’s transformation that gained him his WBFF pro card as a fitness model and I was eager to transform in the same way.  Altug got me there and so can anyone else!


17 Year Old Valera Dropped 33lbs of Fat, Got Stronger AND Did it While Enjoying the Foods He Loves, THEN turned Pro as a Junior Fitness Model by Age 19!

Initially I started weight training in December 2012 and followed a ‘eat BIG get BIG’ diet which quickly added a load of strength and size in my bench, squat and deadlift. After 13 months of continuous lifting, eating and resting, I thought I had made HUGE progress. I was now 185lbs, benching 225lbs X8, deadlifting 315 x6 and feeling strong. I was EXTREMELY happy, until one day I bumped into a friend from the past. We chatted for a while about training, school etc. Everything was cool and I felt confident about my progress until he said “atleast you have mass, you fat b*****d” as a semi-serious joke.

After the conversation I was very confused, so I decided to measure my waist- which measured at 34.5″ and at 16 years of age, I thought perhaps I am pretty fat. That day, I began a ‘body recomposition’ which at that time I knew as a ‘cutting phase’. At first I started a ‘broscience eat clean train dirty’ method which at the time involved almost no carbs, 30 minutes cardio per session etc. However, around 8 weeks in I discovered that my strength had plummeted, I was looking skinny-fat and felt miserable.

Altug Allowed me to See Everything in a New Perspective. I Started Not Only Enjoying the Foods I Loved Again but Also Saw DRASTIC Changes in My PhysiqueEverything appeared to being going pear shaped until I spoke to Altug, who very soon; not only allowed me to see everything in a new perspective, but provided me with the resources and advice to develop my knowledge in my nutrition, training and rest. Altug introduced me to the concept of ‘Flexible Dieting’ (Quite Popularly Known as IIFYM’), which at first seemed tedious and daunting but which soon allowed me to not only enjoy the foods I loved, but also gain confidence in my appearance since I soon saw DRASTIC changes in my physique. After almost a year and a half of avoiding an endless amounts of foods such as; pizza, ice cream, diet fizzy drinks etc. I was able to enjoy them in moderate amounts, whilst losing all the extra fat that I had gained from eating the type of ‘chicken, rice & brocolli x3 a day’ meals. Very soon I began to make FAST progress with my goals, all while enjoying the process.

Finally, after Altug’s advice I was able to see my body in another perspective and take the big (very needed) jump into getting more educated, more focused and being SMART with my training/nutrition which has led to my most recent ‘transformation’. Not only was I able to develop my knowledge, I have been able to become more SOCIAL and DESTROY my fear of daily events such as; eating out, having to reschedule workouts to another day. Altug’s advice put me on the first step to developing a well rounded, athletic physique whilst being able to enjoy the JOURNEY whilst achieving the RESULTS.


Sarah Weight Trained and Did SHORTER, more effective Sessions of Cardio to Lose 6.5kg/14lbs in Only 7 Weeks!

We aren’t talking about weight training with pink little 2lb dumbells either..Sarah lifted HEAVY weight (weights that were challenging for HER). She didn’t turn into Arnold Schwarzenegger as most of my female clients are always initially worried about. Sarah found out that weight training the PROPER way is the most effective way to burn fat, increase your metabolism and build curves..and guess what? Her lifestyle and food consumption were not changed drastically – She was NOT ‘ORDERED’ to stop eating certain food groups. She was NOT put on a ridiculously low calorie or zero-carb diet (those diets destroy your metabolism..ever noticed how you put on twice as much weight if you stop??). She simply tracked her intake more effectively with my guidance and continued to enjoy life.

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